About Us

Athletes for Impact (A4I) is the voice of athlete activism. Founded in 2016, Athletes for Impact is an inclusive and global network of athletes committed to change. A4I connects athletes with leading grassroots organizations to inform and inspire people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to take action on important social issues.

Athletes for Impact has proven to be a necessary and viable resource for athletes across all sports to participate in a growing and intersectional movement for social justice. Since its inception, A4I has engaged hundreds of athletes, impacted thousands of people through various campaigns and raised millions of dollars for leading nonprofits.


Build an inclusive and global network of athletes committed to equity and social change. By providing athletes with the knowledge and information that they need to make informed decisions, A4I provides a platform for athletes to amplify, grow and support existing initiatives aimed at bringing people together to transform local neighborhoods and communities.


Athletes for Impact is a groundbreaking effort to connect athletes with communities to positively transform America. By leveraging the influence of prominent athletes, and connecting them with leading grassroots efforts, Athletes for Impact works to educate and encourage people of all backgrounds to engage in collective social action.


Athletes for Impact recognizes our responsibility to use our voice and resources to make a difference. We understand the critical role athletes can, and do, play as catalysts for social change and transformation. We are committed to supporting athletes wanting to make an impact in their communities.


In the fundamental right to speak and engage in peaceful protest, on or off the playing field, in support of our values and beliefs. Athletes are often told to be quiet and play the game and that activism has no place in sports. We refuse to relinquish our right to speech just because we play sports and will defend athletes who are being attacked because of their beliefs.

In inclusiveness, equity, and the inherent dignity of every single person, regardless of race, gender identity, class, abilities, sexual orientation, religion or immigration status.

In the power of grassroots organizing as a way to empower local residents to come together, find solutions and advance a more equitable and just future for all communities.

In voting and civic activism as a concrete way to address systemic and structural barriers to the overall health and wellbeing of our communities.

In investing in young people and their families to continue being the engine of social change and transformation.

In collaboration between athletes, grassroots organizers, advocacy organizations, governing bodies and entities working on social and economic justice.

In internationalism as we affirm our commitment to stand up for our fellow athletes internationally as well as for human rights around the world.


Athletes for Impact Core Team consists of former athletes, managers, seasoned activists, award-winning producers, agents, publicists, academics and digital media experts that have played a critical role in integrating athletes into social justice efforts.

Athletes for Impact is managed by Revolve Impact, an award-winning creative agency and content studio that utilizes radical imagination, art and culture to transform global power, politics and people.