Athletes for Impact Core Team includes former and current athletes, managers, publicists, agents, and academics that that have played a critical role in integrating themselves and other athletes into social justice efforts. Athletes for Impact is managed by Revolve Impact, a creative media company that utilizes radical imagination, arts, and culture to transform global power, politics, and people.


Athletes for Impact is a groundbreaking effort to connect athletes with communities to positively transform America. By leveraging the influence of prominent athletes, and connecting them with grassroots efforts, Athletes for Impact educates and encourages people of all backgrounds to engage in collective social action.


Athletes have a long history of being part of resistance movements. But often the athletes who speak out and take stands do so as individuals. Athletes for Impact is an attempt to give an organizational expression to the voices for social justice in sports that have increasingly emerged over the last few years.

The need for such collective organizing is especially urgent right now. We come together united as athletes to support each other and to support causes that are critical to transforming America. We speak out against racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia. We advocate for education, health, young people and the communities that we come from. We will continue to speak out on local community issues in ways that never make the media. But, the real purpose of Athletes for Impact is to take action. As a network of athletes, we will do all we can to ensure a more just, fair, and equal society for all.


We the undersigned people from the world of sports are claiming our place at the front lines of the fight for a better world. There is too much oppression, too much pain, and too much hate throughout this country and we can no longer afford to be silent.

Athletes for Impact believes that athletes should be celebrated for their work as activists and that all athletes can add value to social justice movements, no matter how many endorsements they have or how big their playing contract. Athletes for Impact believes:

In the Right to Speak

in support of our core values and beliefs. Athletes are often told to be quiet and play the game and that activism has no place on the field of play. We refuse to relinquish our right to speech just because we play sports and will defend athletes who are being attacked because of their beliefs.

In inclusiveness, equity, and the inherent dignity of every single person,

regardless of race, gender identity, class, abilities, sexual orientation, religion or immigration status.

In the power of grassroots organizing

as a way to empower local residents to come together, find solutions, and advance a more equitable future for all communities.

In voting and civic activism

as a concrete way to address systemic and structural barriers to the overall health and wellbeing of our communities.

In economic justice and investment in young people and their families

to enable them to be engines of social change and transformation.

In collaboration

between athletes, grassroots organizers, advocacy organizations, governing bodies and entities working on social and economic justice.

In internationalism.

This is not only an organization for athletes in the United States and we affirm our commitment to stand up for our fellow athletes internationally as well as for human rights around the world.